A day in the life of the library

There’s a lot going on the library. Here’s what we found during a visit recently. A day in the life…

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Exciting day

Today there’s a meeting with the architect to discuss the design of the library. It’s so exciting. A survey was given earlier to the students, faculty and parents and their ideas and suggestions have been recorded. Now the committe is actually going to  start putting things together and making a plan.

The committee is comprised of representatives from Hillwood, MNPS, the Public Library and Metro government. Everyone is working together to make sure our new library is the best it can be.  There have been several meetings, prior to today. Committees have submitted reports about visits they made to other libraries in the area, technology requirements, library design and the survey.

Last meeting the architect was introduced. We were excited to learn that it was Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC. One of the committees toured their previous library projects and were thrilled that their company was chosen.

After the meeting the architects took a tour of the library and surrounding area and talked with Dr. Chauncy and others to start getting some ideas about the possiblities for the space. They analyzed what should be kept, what would be redesigned and what would be removed completely.

Today the architect is coming back with some initial drawings based on his tour and that conversation. We’ll post again soon to let you know how it all goes.

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Limitless Libraries is gaining national attention

Limitless Libraries has been picked up by AP and is now gaining national coverage. Click below to view some of the coverage.





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